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Vinyl flooring is very anti-static. This anti-static agent is a combination that can be utilized for the treatment of the surface to reduce the electricity produced via friction development. The job of anti-static vinyl flooring is to make the surface somewhat conductive with the assistance of absorbing dampness from the air.

This anti-static term essentially refers to the condition where the contact and detachment deliver static generation from a specific type of material. It can create less friction-based electricity than some other flooring. The anti-static vinyl flooring is extremely famous for business purposes to deliver a story that is static stun free. Vinyl flooring is ideal for any room or business zone having a huge source of power. It is extremely simple to keep spotless and clean.

What is an anti-static material?

Basically, as the name suggests, anti-static material is a compound that is used for the treatment of materials and their surfaces to reduce the buildup of electricity on floors. These charges may be generated because of the triboelectric effect or because of a non-contact process, usually from a high voltage source. By using an in-mold printing process, these static charges can be introduced on a surface.

The motivation behind anti-static material is to make the surface conductive by two procedures either by conducting itself or absorbing dampness from the air. The particles of the anti-static operator contain both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions, which are equivalent to surfactants. The hydrophobic side communicates with the outside of the material, and the hydrophilic side interfaces with the dampness. Some inside anti-static specialists can be utilized to blended legitimately into the material, just as some outer anti-static operators are applied to the surface.

Difference between the dissipative floor and the conductive floor?

Dissipative floor​

Dissipative floor

Static dissipative floors are fundamentally characterized by a property called electrical resistance. It is estimated in ohms, which is materials capacity to oppose, or stop, the power flow. A significant factor for explaining the static control floor is resistance, which is utilized to way or ground to way. For dissipative flooring, a floor must have an electric opposition between 1.0×10^6 ohms and 1.0×10^9 ohms.

Conductive floor 1

Conductive floor

It is a type of flooring material having an electric resistance of fewer than 1.0×10^6 ohms. It is a floor that is designed to prevent, mitigate, dissipate, conduct, and remove the surface with excessive static electricity. It is a floor type made up of carpets, rubber, and vinyl, which can be used to reduce electrostatic discharge.

Which one to choose between the dissipative and conducting floor?

Everyone knows that vinyl flooring provides a softer and more smooth surface as compared to any other flooring option. The reason for its soft nature is that it is often backed up with the layer of foams or felt. Thin, soft layers can obtain more flexibility, and it will make it easier to stand on for a longer period.

  • Resistance performance- The performance of resistance usually decides which floor you should use. The conductive floor has less resistance, and the dissipative floor has high resistance.
  • Installation method- Conductive floor can work with a straight floor, and they should be stick to the ground. But, the dissipative ESD floor requires access floor accessories and the parts that are needed to be square.
  • Applications- Dissipative floor is generally used in data centers, large server rooms, and many other places, whereas conductive flooring is used in large areas such as factories and workshops.
  • The functioning of the anti-static floor is different- Generally, the conductive floor has functions of anti-corrosion resistance and wear resistance. But the dissipative floor has the functions of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-wiring, and many others.

Benefits of anti-static vinyl flooring

There are many benefits of anti-static flooring. Some of them are described below

Controls static discharge

Controls static discharge

Because the primary  reason to use this type of flooring is to reduce the electrostatic effect, it will be very useful in industries where static electricity can cause interference or damage to equipment and many employees.

Controls static discharge 1


The anti-static floor is made using a combination of reused material like vinyl, elastic, and numerous different plastics, which will make the flooring choice that is appealing and tougher as it will keep going for a long time.

vinyl sheet

Low maintenance

The insulation and take care of these floors are very simple, especially when you invest your money in a good quality flooring tile. They can be placed over your existing floor, interlock, and then can be sealed easily with the floor finish products.

easy to clean

Easy to clean

The owner of anti-static flooring should know how to clean the floor because of the reason of dirt and debris can affect the long-lasting of your floor.  You should choose the type of flooring, which is easy to clean and can be maintained easily.

Commercial places where you can use anti-static vinyl flooring are mainly big data centers, computer training rooms, labs where electronic equipment is tested, electronic manufacturing, and healthcare settings.

Why should you choose XING floor anti-static vinyl flooring?

Always choose the best product for your facility. The XING floor has been providing vinyl flooring for may years. The reasons why you should choose the XING floor are

  • Professional and reliable experience – XING floor always show a professional behavior. They surely have installation knowledge, which will create a huge impact.
  • The properties check good material and accessories – The quality of floor and service life added to the raised floor. We at XING floor guarantees you that we will provide you a complete good quality product.
  • Reasonable and profitable cost – Before buying, you should always check the cost of the product you are buying to check whether it’s worth the amount or not. Well, known brands will provide you good products but at a very expensive price. We provide you a good quality product at a very affordable price.

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