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Best Quality Carpet In Singapore

Facing difficulty in finding the right carpet for your home, bedroom, lounge, tv room, and kitchen. We will provide the best carpets in Singapore. With the variety of carpets online, it seems very easy, but in reality, it is not that easy.

The variety and immense quantity of choices will give you an overwhelming and put stress on you while selecting. But you should not need to worry, because we will guide you from start to finish selecting the right carpet for you.

The construction of the carpet consists of two parts one is the upper pile, and the other one is bottom backing. The following three features of carpet flooring are very important while selecting a carpet which is described below

  1. Type of carpet- In Singapore, there are basically two types of carpet. One is tiles, and the other one is Broadloom. Both of them have their own cons and pros. Tiles are mainly used in offices because of its ease in maintenance and replacement. At the same time, the other one is mostly used in restaurants, halls, and boutiques because of its attractive look and shine.
  2. Material- The other important feature of carpet flooring is the material of the carpet. In Singapore, the types basically are Wool, Nylon, and PP. The most popular types are PP and nylon because they are cost-efficient and durable for a very long period of time.
  3. Pile- The third and last feature of carpet is the outer look i.e. finishing the pile, which is the most important feature that others will notice. It comes in cut, loop, or combination.

Carpets For Commercial and Residential Place

High quality, modern and affordable carpets for your commercial and residential places will be different because every place has its own needs.

For residential places, you should follow the following details

carpet tiles singapore

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles jut as the name suggests in square pieces, which are common of 50×50 cm, which combination of 4 pieces makes 1m2. If you are looking for easy maintenance and a good look carpet, then you should give a look at carpet tiles.

 They are usually in fashion, and practically, they have a high level of usage and flexibility. They also come in designs and colors just like others, which will cover any type of floor. The carpet tiles are so versatile that they can also be placed anywhere in the house.



A broadloom carpet, which is also known as carpet roll, usually comes in thicker piles, and they look seamless. The seamless look adds a touch of class and elegance and can be used in restaurants, function halls, and boutiques. They also come in a specific width, which makes its installation a little bit tricky.

If your room is a little bit bigger than the carpet, then you will have to use a small piece of carpet to join both of them, which results in a lack of durability and will come off easily. The solution to this problem is to basically cut the bigger piece into half and then join them both together as two big pieces instead of one big and a very small piece, which will also not look good.

How to Choose A Carpet for Different Parts of Your Home Like The Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen?

Carpet should have the first priority in your home. They add spice to your personality. The main factor that will give you the chills is that the color combination of your furniture with your carpet should match.

living room carpet xingfloor

Living room

The first thing before purchasing a carpet for your living room is that you should have the information about the size and material type and you should know about the shape and color which you want in your living room.

The material should be durable because of the very high foot traffic in the living room, and color should be darker because of the high possibility of dirt and stain, also to match it with your furniture and curtains. The size and shape of the carpet will depend upon the condition of your living room i.e. its size, style of furniture, and some other decoration pieces.

bedroom carpet xingfloor


When it comes to decorating your houses, carpets play an important role. They should create a comfortable and pleasant feel to get relaxed.

From all the options on the market, it is very difficult to buy a good and attractive carpet for you.

First of all, a budget should be defined so that you will not be get disappointed by the expensive carpets. Deciding the fiber of a carpet, you have the options of natural or synthetic fibers. Wool is an excellent choice for natural fiber because of its luxurious and soft feel, but it will be very expensive. So, synthetic fibers are the choice left, because they are budget friendly and can be a more realistic option for your large bedroom. The texture of the carpet in your bedroom should be very soft and elegant. Also, the colors will be according to your furniture.

A nude-colored carpet, such as tan, brown, or grey, is a very safe option because it will work with any wall and décor colors. You should avoid the light carpets because they can’t hide dirt.

stairs carpet xing scaled


The perfect carpet for your staircase is the most important while decorating your house and can be a lot confusing. In case you get the wrong carpet, and it will not suit your house, you’ll regret it.

As soon as you enter the property, the first thing you see in the hallway stairs, so it is very important to choose a carpet that fits the right, have the right material, and it is appealing to the eye.

Staircase gets a lot of use and probably the highest traffic area in your house. So, you should choose the carpet that can bear the load and still look wonderful. Also, the material of the carpet will determine the durability of the carpet. Naturally, the wool is used because of its softness and luxuriousness. Also, the thickness will determine the stability of your carpet. For the staircase, you need a carpet that is thick and can bear a heavy load.

kitchen carpet


Adding a rug or a carpet to your kitchen will add to the warmth and character of your home. Most of the people avoid using rugs in their kitchen because of the fear of getting water, or other oils spilled on the rug. 

Take a very good look on your kitchen floor and decide how many spaces you want for the kitchen to be taken by the rug. If you love your floor and just need a little cushioning, you should use mats. In order to add maximum warmth to your kitchen, you should probably choose a large rug that should be in solid colors to complement the rest of the kitchen. When you are shopping for the rugs for the kitchen, make sure you leave approximately 6 inches to 24 inches distance from rug to wall or cabinets.

Choose Your Carpet Texture By Fiber

The main feature of a carpet is its flooring material, which provides the cushiony and warm surface underfoot. The two main features of a carpet are the main factors to consider when choosing a carpet, the texture of fiber, and the pile, i.e., how loops are attached to the carpet. The main types of fiber texture are



Nylon is very soft, durable, and stain-resistant. It is most popular in carpet fibers by some estimates of 90 percent of all residential carpets are made up of nylon. 


It is resistant to mud, rot, and wear. It is usually affordable and less expensive than wool. If taken good care of them, these carpets will last from 12 to 15 years, making it the most durable carpets.

polyester carpet

Poly propene

It is the next best-selling carpet fiber, which is used in almost 80% of applications used in commercials and in growing numbers of residential areas.


 It is also known as olefin; poly propene fibers are very similar to natural wool, and they are often used as a synthetic wool substitute. This is highly stain resistant, but not suitable for soil and oil holdings. It is even easy to clean and can be bleached. It can be sometimes used for loop style carpets, like Berbers. They are less expensive than nylon, but more in cost than polyester and acrylic.

wool carpet

Loop pile

Loop pile is also known as an uncut pile or Berber pile. Loop pile has the ability to leave the entire yarn loop intact on the surface. These carpets are made to be very highly durable, easy to clean, and are very resistant to maintain.

All these features make them suitable for high foot traffic commercial or residential areas. Loop pile carpets don’t show the marks of footprints and vacuum marks.

These carpets come in various types, such as level loop, where the fiber loops will be of the same length, and the other one is a patterned loop, where the loops are of different heights. It is also possible for a carpet to have both cut and loop construction. One type of loop pile carpeting is Sisal carpeting, which includes loops of different colors and also of different height, which are arranged in a row to produce a textured patterned surface.

cut pile carpet scaled

Cut Pile

Cut pile is a style of carpets where the sheets of fibers are exposed. This is basically done to produce soft, inviting, and easy to clean carpets. Different styles can also be created by varying the angle of shearing that slices the loop or by using it differently. 

Cut piles usually come in different lengths and thicknesses. These carpets really work well when you have the plan of carpeting the whole house.

Polypropylene carpet

Natural Carpets

Naturally very sustainable and attractive looking carpet, wool is the most resilient fiber which enables to cover the stains of footfall and can retain its appearance. 


 It is also known as olefin; poly propene fibers are very similar to natural wool, and they are often used as a synthetic wool substitute. This is highly stain resistant, but not suitable for soil and oil holdings. It is even easy to clean and can be bleached. It can be sometimes used for loop style carpets, like Berbers. They are less expensive than nylon, but more in cost than polyester and acrylic.

pattern carpet for home

Patterned Carpets for the home

A patterned carpet can add a more traditional look to your room or home and can make a very bold statement. These types of carpets are in look wise, very attractive. The pattern should be sophisticated.

Too much-overrated carpet in term so of design and pattern is not necessary. It will not look good. For every house, different patterns will suit them according to the décor of their room.


First, you need to tell us about the information about the carpet that you need, and then we can tell you the exact price of the carpet.

First, we need to know about the flooring area of your house? Is there any requirement of removing existing carpets? What time will suit you for the installation of a new carpet? In how many days you want it to complete?

After you gave us the required information, the next step is we will tell you the exact price, and if you agree, then we will send a project manager to your place to give you the actual price and the final look of the carpet.

It will take almost 4 to 5 working days for the complete installation of your carpet.

Yes, we do provide the carpet repair and carpet advice for our customer’s better satisfaction.

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