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Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring

The commonly used type of flooring clicks and lock, which is also called vinyl click flooring, uses a glueless installation method. This glueless installation method is very common in Singapore to install click and lock flooring. The vinyl flooring comes in the form of planks, which come in beautiful and elegant wooden designs.
This type of flooring is not only a safer option, but it doesn’t use any harmful fumes, and also it is very easy to install. This modern style is very easy to install, extremely safe, and 100% waterproof. I guarantee you that it will complement the interior of your house or office.

Fast and easy installation

The click and lock vinyl floorings are made so fabulous because of the reason for no need for adhesives. With the help of the interlocking technique, it is made.

This vinyl tile can grip to the floor because of the inertial force of the other planks. Unlike other flooring options, this click and lock flooring can be installed directly above your existing subfloor without any preparation.

 It can be fitted over wooden, concrete, and existing vinyl flooring without damaging it. The installation time can be reduced to 50% than the traditional counterpart, which uses the adhesives.

waterproof vinyl

Waterproof Vinyl

Click and lock vinyl flooring is purely resistant to water. It is designed with a waterproof and durable core that makes the vinyl flooring the best among different floors. The composition of waterproof vinyl flooring can be classified as WPC or SPC. WPC basically stand s for wood-plastic composition because it is made from a mixture of plastic and wood. On the other hand, SPC is made up of stone, whose main components are stone and plastic. WPC has been used for quite a few years, but SPC is now new in the flooring market. Both of them are 100% waterproof. The reason for its waterproof behavior is its four different layers, which include a waterproof core.

durable vinyl floorings

Residential and commercial use

The places where there is moderate foot traffic and residential vinyl flooring are best because they will be durable for long intervals. But for the places where the foot traffic is very high like malls, shops, and factories, a durable vinyl floor is suitable. This vinyl flooring will be preferred in more harsh conditions because it can last for many years with no or maybe low maintenance. Because of the reason for its many advantages over the simple floor, vinyl flooring has become the most popular flooring for both residential and commercial purposes.

The click and lock vinyl flooring is very suitable for many residential purposes like kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms. It can be installed very fast, and you don’t need any time to wait for the floor. This flooring kind is also suitable and perfect for your commercial purposes like hospitals, hotels, warehouses, and offices. Businesses don’t want to spend most of the time in the renovation, and they want to reduce their loss of closing the office as much as possible. So this is the reason why click and lock vinyl flooring is mostly used in commercial applications because of its fast installation.


The important features of vinyl features are  

1. Vinyl flooring is affordable and durable.

2. Vinyl flooring has a wide range of selection.

3. They provide good insulation and comfortable underfoot

4. If damage happens to your simple flooring, you will have to change the whole floor and then replace it with a new one. But with Vinyl flooring, in case any damage occurs, only a specific tile is to be removed and then placed a new one while the other tiles will remain intact. After successful repairing, the whole floor will look a brand-new flooring.

5. There are different designs available in vinyl flooring so that the customer can choose whatever the design they like. But for normal flooring, only two to three designs are available in the market, which is commonly used in every house.

6. Soundproof vinyl flooring is also common in the market

7. It also contains anti-slipping properties.

8. Vinyl flooring is 100% PVC which makes it waterproof and anti-microbial

Benefits of click and lock vinyl flooring

There are many benefits of click and lock vinyl flooring. Some of them are described below.

Luxury vinyl tile

Versatility in designs

A lot of designs are available in click and lock vinyl flooring. The customer has many options to choose for the design they want in their residential and commercial place to make it more attractive.

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The click and lock vinyl floor is made form a good combination of recycled material like vinyl, rubber, and many other plastics, which will make the flooring option that is aesthetically appealing and more durable as it will last for many years.

vinyl sheet

Low maintenance

The insulation and take care of these floors are very simple, especially when you invest your money in a good quality flooring tile. They can be placed over your existing floor, interlock, and then can be sealed easily with the floor finish products.

easy to clean

Easy to clean

The owner of click and lock vinyl flooring should know how to clean the floor because dirt and debris can affect the long-lasting of your floor. You should choose the type of flooring, which is easy to clean and can be maintained easily.

Click and Lock Vinyl Flooring is no doubt a secure option even for wet surface on other types glue cannot fixed due to moisture.

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