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At the point when a great many people think about a modern floor covering, they for the most part consider tiles, genuine wood or vinyl. Floor covering is a lot of a conversationalist’s decision nowadays, but it can convey a contemporary tasteful just as great as its other options. Floor coverings look and feel warm, and they just shout comfort.

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t care to walk barefooted over a warm rug? Floor coverings are incredible separators, and they give an invite option in contrast to the sofa when you have to extend.

But the right carpet can deliver you a very aesthetic look for your modern home. If you just consider it, you can have the aesthetic look of your home and also you will not have to sacrifice the warmth and comfort of your home.

Modern Carpets For Commercial and Residential Place

Modern carpets for your commercial and residential places will be different because every place has its own needs. For residential places, you should follow the following details

living room carpet xingfloor

Living room

First thing before buying a floor covering for your home is that you ought to have the information about the size and material type and you should think about the shape and shading which you need in your lounge room.

The material ought to be strong in light of the exceptionally high foot traffic in the front room and shading ought to be darker on account of the high chance of soil and stain, likewise to coordinate it with your furnishings and window.

 The size and state of the rug will rely on the state of your front room for example its size, style of furniture and some other design pieces.

bedroom carpet xingfloor


With regards to improve your homes, floor coverings assume a significant job. They should make an agreeable and charming feel to get loose.

From all the alternatives available, it is hard for purchasing a decent and appealing rug for you.
As a matter of first importance, a spending plan ought to be characterized, so you won’t be get confused by the costly covers.

Choosing the fiber of a rug, you have the choices of common or engineered filaments. Wool is an astounding decision for common fiber as a result of its luxurious and delicate feel, however it will be over the top expensive.

Along these lines, synthetic fibers are the decision left, since they are spending benevolent and can be a progressively reasonable alternative for your huge room.

The surface of the floor covering in your room ought to be exceptionally delicate. Likewise, the colors will be according to your furniture.

stairs carpet xing scaled


The perfect carpet for your staircase is the most important while decorating your house and can be a lot confusing. 

In case, you get the wrong carpet and it will not suit your house, you’ll regret it. As soon as you enter the property, the first thing you see is the hallway stairs, so it is very important to choose a carpet that fits the right, have right material and it is appealing to eye.

office carpet xingfloor


The most common types of carpeting used for commercial purposes is the office flooring because of their brilliant design selections and their great acoustic qualities and abundance of other advantages that will check all right boxes. 

The choice of office carpet is the most important part of your office décor. Choose the right carpet for your next office requires you to assess the workspace and it will consider that can affect commercial carpet types.

hotel carpet xingfloor


For the lobby of the hotels, those carpets are used which are easy to clean and maintain because the dirt form the customer shoes will stuck on your carpet and it will be difficult to clean.

In bedrooms, the low-cost tufted carpets can be sued, because of the low foot traffic. Always use the same fiber in the carpeting of whole room because it will look good and clean.

Firstly, you need to make sure of your needs for your hotel. Obviously, you want your carpet to last longer, so if you are planning to change your carpets of lounge or corridors, you should try Axminister. But if you are selecting the carpet for your rooms of hotel, you can use low tufted carpet.

Features of a modern carpet

Carpet also has characteristics or good features that may affect the appearance of the product. It is important that these carpet characteristics are understood by customers.

  • Color Variation

    It is regular for an introduced rug to show a little distinction in shading or shade from the selling test, because of ordinary varieties between various creation runs or clusters. Producers bend over backward to precisely colors between groups, however little contrasts are unavoidable. Alerts with this impact are normally shown on the names of cover tests.

  • Appearance changing

    It is normal for a carpet to have a very bright color in beginning, but from its continual use, it might lose its color and become fade. With the direct exposure of sunlight, it might lose it colors early. So choose for a carpet that shows warranty of colors.

  • Durability

    Obviously, you want a carpet that is durable which is available in range of qualities and durability levels. In addition, you also have some additional features, be sure to look for some durable features for buying.

Types of Carpet on the basis of fiber



Nylon is strong, water-safe and exceptionally simple to clean. It likewise conveys a level of insurance from perpetual recoloring. This synthetic material is delicate to the touch, yet it doesn’t convey a similar degree of extravagance you’ll get from a fleece cover. 

Be that as it may, a short-heap cover made with nylon can function admirably in a contemporary space with a moderate stylish.

polyester carpet


Polyester is significantly gentler than nylon, however that doesn’t generally look good for solidness. Polyester floor coverings don’t glance incredible in customary rooms; however, they really function admirably in present day spaces with neutral decor.

wool carpet


Woo is a wonderful material that is both solid and luxurious. It doesn’t retain water promptly, and its sensibly resistant to stains. In particular, nothing beats the vibe of a wool cover on the skin. 

Be that as it may, wool conveys an extraordinarily conventional stylish, which isn’t in every case best for a modern space. Consider picking a mixed floor covering to accomplish the correct look.

Polypropylene carpet


It is a relatively cheap fiber because it is not durable for long time and not resistant to stains. But it can provide you the best aesthetic look that others lack.

berber carpet


Just like polypropylene, Berber carpets are basically used to feature loop pile which is made up of particularly thick yarn. But it has smooth feel that is very suitable for your modern space. Also, it is very suitable for the areas with heavy traffic because of its thick and bouncy fiber.

triexta carpet


Triexta is a generally new fiber that is being utilized with expanding recurrence in workplaces. It’s produced using corn sugar, so it’s moderately modest. The fundamental favorable circumstances of Triexta are its stain resistant and water-safe properties.

Why you should buy carpets from Xing floors in Singapore?

The reason why you should choose Xing floors in Singapore because they provide a quality product which are very durable and can resist to water and strains.

We at Xing floor provide you a good quality carpet which will last for many years. It also provides a wide variety of designs and patterns which will look attractive and you will be confused while purchasing a carpet.


First you have to tell about the data of floor covering that you need, at that point we can disclose to you the specific cost of the rug.

It will take just about 4 to 5 days of conveying your floor covering to your home.

Indeed, we do give the floor covering fix and rug guidance for our client’s better fulfillment.

You can get free examples by basically shopping on our site and snap a choice called “mail me an example”. Initial five examples will be free and after that it will cost you $2.50 each.

After you gave us the necessary data, the subsequent stage is we will disclose to you the specific cost and in the event that you concur, at that point we will send a task director to your place, to give you the genuine cost and the last look of rug.

It will take right around 4 to 5 working days for the total establishment of your floor covering.

First, we have to think about the ground surface region of your home.

  1. Is there any necessity of evacuating existing floor coverings?
  2. What time will suit you for the establishment of new floor covering?
  3. In how long you need it to finish?

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