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Having some issues in determining the exact right type of carpet for your home, bedroom, lounge, tv room, and staircase. Having a great variety of carpets online, it is very difficult for you to decide which will suit your home the best. The variety and immense quantity of choices, will give you an overwhelming and put a stress on you while selecting. But you should not need to worry because we will guide you to select the best carpet for your home.

How to Select The Right Carpet For Your Residential Use?

Most people have always rejected the idea of having carpets at home due to the thinking that it is hard to maintain and clean. However, truth is, it is never difficult to have clean carpets at home! With simple daily vacuuming and a thorough cleaning bi-annually, rest assured that your carpets are clan and well taken care of!

Most of the retailers will also give you some samples before deciding so that you can check their look, and also measure fitting and measuring service. Place the sample in a darker area of the room to check how the colors will look when they are affected by the light. Also, put some weight on it to check how fast it can spring back into its shape.

Always do a rough estimate before going to the shop, so you can guess how much your carpet will cost. To this, first measure the widest and longest room, including all the bars, windows, and doors and then add 10 cm to it. If you are looking for an irregular shaped room, such as the hallway and stairs, you will have to add carpet grippers and fitting, which will increase the cost of the total carpet.

living room carpet xingfloor

Living room

The first thing before purchasing a carpet for your living room is that you should have the information about the size and material type and you should know about the shape and color which you want in your living room.

The material should be durable because of the very high foot traffic in the living room, and color should be darker because of the high possibility of dirt and stain, also to match it with your furniture and curtains. The size and shape of the carpet will depend upon the condition of your living room i.e. its size, style of furniture, and some other decoration pieces.

bedroom carpet xingfloor


When it comes to decorating your houses, carpets play an important role. They should create a comfortable and pleasant feel to get relaxed. From all the options on the market, it is very difficult to buy a good and attractive carpet for you.

First of all, a budget should be defined so that you will not be get disappointed by the expensive carpets. Deciding the fiber of a carpet, you have the options of natural or synthetic fibers. Wool is an excellent choice for natural fiber because of its luxurious and soft feel, but it will be very expensive. So, synthetic fibers are the choice left, because they are budget-friendly and can be a more realistic option for your large bedroom. The texture of the carpet in your bedroom should be very soft and elegant. Also, the colors will be according to your furniture.

A nude-colored carpet, such as tan, brown, or grey, is a very safe option because it will work with any wall and décor colors. You should avoid the light carpets because they can’t hide dirt.

stairs carpet xing scaled


The perfect carpet for your staircase is the most important while decorating your house and can be a lot confusing. In case you get the wrong carpet, and it will not suit your house, you’ll regret it.

As soon as you arrive the property, the first thing you see in the hallway stairs, so it is very important to choose a carpet that fits the right, has the right material, and it is appealing to the eye.

Staircase gets a lot of use and probably the highest traffic area in your house. So, you should choose the carpet that can bear the load and still look wonderful. Also, the material of the carpet will determine the durability of the carpet. Naturally, the wool is used because of its softness and luxuriousness. Also, the thickness will determine the stability of your carpet. For the staircase, you need a carpet that is thick and can bear a heavy load.

kitchen carpet


Adding a rug or a carpet to your kitchen will add to the warmth and character of your home. Most of the people avoid using rugs in their kitchen because of the fear of getting water, or other oils spilled on the rug. 

Take a very good look on your kitchen floor and decide how many spaces you want for the kitchen to be taken by the rug. If you love your floor and just need a little cushioning, you should use mats. In order to add maximum warmth to your kitchen, you should probably choose a large rug that should be in solid colors to complement the rest of the kitchen. When you are shopping for the rugs for the kitchen, make sure you leave approximately 6 inches to 24 inches distance from rug to wall or cabinets.

kids room carpet

Kids Room

Selecting a carpet for your kids’ room will be a difficult task because this is the area where the whole mess is going to be spread.  Always look for a dark color carpet, because your child is going to make a lot of mess. 

So, you will need a carpet, which hides the stains marks and dirt marks better. Also, the choice of design of carpet for your kids’ room should be according to the choice of your child and according to the vibe of the child. Nylon is the best choice for your playroom because it is durable, resistant to stains, and affordable. Wool carpets are not suitable for your playroom because it is expensive and will wear and tear out very easily in a few days, which makes you regret your decision.

What to Consider When Choosing Carpet

When you are choosing a carpet for your home, and you want to know about what kind of footfall do you need, we will surely help you to look for some options.  For the bedroom, you can give yourself a treat, by choosing a luxurious and softer pile which you can enjoy barefoot and some areas with high foot traffic, you will need something dense and low pile. First, you should know the durability of the carpet which you are going to purchase. Check some important things before buying like the thickness, weight, and material of the carpet.

You can do it by pressing it firmly by your thumb. The more quickly it springs back, the denser and more resilient it is. Your main point for purchasing a carpet is to be density. Especially if you are looking for the region with a high traffic area, like hallways and stare, it can be determined by the measure of how closely each fiber is connected to it, rather than depth of carpet. If you are interested in space beneath the tufts, then you should see the back of it. Large gaps of tufts mean the carpet will perhaps drop its flexibility more quickly.


From all of the flooring options, carpeting is still the best and popular in the market. The main features of carpets are discussed below

Warmth and comfort

Carpets offer a feeling of warmth with the feeling of comfort of soft cushioning under the foot that no other flooring option can provide. Carpet also gives you the insulation to your home. They are usually cooler in summers and warmer in winters giving the perfect environment for you, and they also distract the echo of sound and noise from the surroundings.

Value of money

As earlier told, that carpeting is the cheapest form from all types of flooring. In today’s market place, there is a vast selection of today’s carpet in thousands of styles and colors.

Safety and maintenance

Carpeting is the best possible safest option of protecting your family from a hard type of slippery floors. Most of the carpets are made from Stain block products, making them very easier for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, a good vacuum cleaner and prompt attention to spills are only required to keep your carpet look as good as it was the very first day of its installation.


  1. First, you need to tell us about the information about the carpet that you need, and then we can state you the exact price of the carpet.

It will take aboout 4 to 5 days to deliver your carpet to your house.

Yes, we do provide a warranty of 1 year.

Yes, we do provide the carpet repair and carpet advice for our customers with better satisfaction.

  1. You can receive free samples by simply shopping on our website and click an option called “mail me a sample.” The first five samples will be free, and after that, it will cost you $2.50 each.

After you gave us the required information, the next step is we will tell you the exact price, and if you agree, then we will send a project manager to your place to give you the actual price and the final look of the carpet.

It will take almost 4 to 5 working days for the complete installation of your carpet.

  1. First, we need to know about the flooring area of your house? Is there any requirement of removing existing carpets? What time will suit you for the installation of a new carpet? In how many days you want it to complete?

Xingfloors provides beautiful design carpet on affordable price. The designs on one carpet could already be enough to make or break the theme of the environment. With the large variety of designs, be sure to find something to suit your own space! We provide best quality, modern design, affordable carpet in Singapore for home and office use.

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